The power of specific prayers

A family on vacation in Florida drove into the city of Kissimmee. An argument quickly ensued between the brother and sister as to the proper pronunciation of the city. The parents, tired of the arguing, dropped the two off at a nearby fast food restaurant so they could ask a local. They raced inside, and the brother reached a local ahead of his sister.

“When my sister comes, please tell her, very slowly, where we are at,” he said. The local looked confused, but consented. The sister arrived the local responded, slowly, “Burrrgerr King.”

Diane Bills Prince opened her lecture Wednesday with this example to emphasize although we may have communication problems with each other, our Heavenly Father already knows what we need.

During her lecture, “Getting the Answers for Your Life: To Bless Family Relationships, Self and Others,” Prince drew on examples ranging from a friend surviving a bear attack to her own personal healing the night before a major presentation, to illustrate the power of prayer.

“There is so much power in prayer,” she said.

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