The pros and cons of life at 37,000 feet

There are two questions I field more than any other. The first is predictable: "Can you help me get my book published?"

The easy answer is "Maybe, but I probably won't. I don't need any more competition than I already have." I kid, I'd be happy to help. As long as your book is a gut-wrenching memoir of a karaoke-singing llama.

The second question: "Is it hard being away from home so often?" I wish there were an equally satisfying answer.

I'm the definition of a frequent flier. And by "flier" I mean as a passenger on airplanes, not in the cockpit. And by "frequent" I mean I can reenact the Delta safety video verbatim. You've seen it; it -- the one that features a red-headed supermodel flight attendant with a no-smoking finger-wag that should merit a PG-13 rating.

Traveling can be brutal. The good news is my wife has me trained to pack and live from a carry-on, even on longer trips. The bad news is they still make me check the bags under my eyes at $15 a pop.

Maybe some of you are airport rats, too.

You know that traveling as much as we do has ups and downs. For me the downs are easy to name: Kodi, Oakli, Jadi, Kason, Koleson.

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