The remarkable story of Guillermo Gonzalez, a Mormon pioneer in Mexico

A serene, peaceful feeling filled the room as the sister missionary shared her tender testimony in Spanish to conclude the religious discussion.

The young husband and wife seated nearby looked at each other and shared a confirming smile. The message appealed to them and they definitely wanted to know more about this Mormon church.

Knowing it was the husband's day off, one of the sisters pulled out her date book and suggested they meet again in a week.

There was a pause as the couple made eye contact again, then stared back at the missionaries. Without warning the husband stood, moved across the room and locked the door.

"I'm sorry, patience has never been one of my virtues," the man said. "I can't wait another week to know what you will teach me about this church of apostles and prophets, so do you mind if we continue now, please?"

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