The 'rising generation'

The past several months have been amazing as I have visited Young Women camps, youth conferences, pioneer treks and devotionals. What I have observed, through these experiences, needs to be mentioned. The rising generation of young women are doing just that — they are rising! They are arising in their faith and testimony and in their knowledge of the Book of Mormon and the Savior. Many young women I have met during recent months have read the Book of Mormon several times. They tell me that their faith in the Savior has been deepened and that they see the connection between their lives and the lives of people in the Book of Mormon. They are quick to liken the battles in the Book of Mormon to the battles that they find themselves fighting. In a world where their standards are being mocked and challenged on an almost daily basis through entertainment and media, they are standing strong. It is thrilling to see these young women gathered together, sharing wholesome fun, canoeing on mountain lakes or hiking on pristine trails. They shine!
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