The spiritual meaning of money: stewardship

Perhaps there was a time when a person could live his or her life without money, but not in our modern world. Today, money touches everything we do. From the moment it is used to pay the medical bills of our birth, until the final accounting after our death, we use money to meet our physical needs and to accomplish life’s ambitions. Properly employed, it can help us magnify our talents and further our effectiveness in the Lord’s service.

Yet, money can be a problem.

Sometimes it causes marital strife, personal frustration, and feelings of enslavement and desperation. Some people pursue money with relentless determination; they sacrifice everything of value, including integrity and relationships, while chasing the happiness they think material wealth will provide. By failing to connect their earthly possessions to spiritual goals, their lives are less than satisfying. They believe a false premise: The more money they have, the better off they will be.

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