The true role of women in the scriptures

Today’s gospel doctrine class was on Ruth, Naomi and Hannah. There are many important lessons to be learned from the lives of these righteous women, but this lesson in itself highlights how seldom women are mentioned by name in the scriptures (compared to men).

But it occurred to me today that some of us may be missing the point regarding women in the scriptures. Men are more often the protagonists in the scriptures, but women are the heroes of many of the most crucial events. Let’s take a look.

Are we meant to think that we may never have made it out of the Garden of Eden if it weren’t for Eve? Obviously, billions have read the Bible without correctly understanding this crucial point. She was the one who figured out that we could never advance and fulfill our destiny as mortals without taking the necessary step of committing the first transgression. You could argue that she dragged Adam along until he finally saw the light. One way or another, we must recognize that at this crucial juncture — the beginning of our story as sons and daughters of God on this Earth — she was central to the plot.

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