The ups and downs of being a BYU celebrity

Blinding lights and screaming fans are not uncommon for a handful of BYU’s student body. They hold audiences captivated on their various performing stages and their names are known by most people on campus. Some are even known throughout the country.

For these students, the limelight sometimes follows them home.

Jan Jorgensen, former defensive lineman for BYU, had some interesting experiences with fans while he was on the football team.

“[At a kick-off event] this guy and his wife were there and they wanted me to sign their baby,” he said.

Jorgensen said the baby started crying after he had begun signing it, but the couple wanted him to finish, so he ended up signing the screaming baby.

When asked if he thought his being a well-known football player affected his dating life at BYU, Jorgensen said it probably did, but he would like to think not.

“In the end, you never really know,” he said.

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