Therapy dog goes visiting, home teaching

I was home for the weekend to visit with my parents and sisters in September 2007. This particular Saturday, my sister, Joyce, was helping to do a dog transport for rescued dogs from two counties' dog pounds to go to a rescue shelter in Canada. When my sister had been asked to help with this transport, she told the group no several times. She finally consented to help with the transport from Findlay, Ohio, to Monroe, Mich. She asked me to go along with her, I thought it was OK but could think of things to do that would be more fun.

As I was sitting in the car, I felt an impression to go and see the beautiful brown dog. I listened and volunteered to take the big brown dog for a walk. He seemed to understand when I asked several things of him (slow down, sit, stay and shake hands). He happily got into the car and liked looking out the window. My sister saw him as another dog, with nothing really special about him. I felt this strong impression to ask about taking Max home to be a therapy dog. My sister started making telephone calls to see if we could Max off the transport so I could take him home with me. When we arrived in Monroe, the connecting transport staff was late in coming. Minutes before they arrived, the telephone call came stating that I could take Max home.

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