There Are Two Sides to Every Story......

June 9, 1999:

A date that forever changed my life.

After an awards banquet for my brother, my mom, sister Kelly, and sister Joelene were involved in a devastating car accident.

A young man had fallen asleep and crossed the median and hit their car head on.

Mom and Joelene were pretty bruised and sore.

Kelly was seriously hurt and she died the next morning in the hospital.

When we talk about that time in our lives, we talk about how we felt and how it has affected our family. We talk about where we were when we received that terrible phone call and how we reacted. We talk about life since she passed and all the things that she has missed. We talk about her funeral and how that annoying guy got up and spoke forever about nothing during what was supposed to be a time for her friends to share memories of her. We talk about how much we miss her and how much she meant to us.

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