They're So Popular!

About three weeks ago while I was in Finland with my wife’s family for Christmas, I visited with a old friend of mine–a man whom I consider to be one of the greatest I’ve ever met, and who has taught me more about the gospel than nearly anyone else in my life. After exchanging the requisite pleasantries about what has happened in our lives since we last saw each other (it had been over 5 years), we sat back on a sofa in his living room in silence for few moments before my friend turned the discussion to some of the struggles he has observed in his ward. This wise old friend of mine then asked my opinion on why, in Jesus Christ’s church–where we believe and preach that every soul has equal worth in the sight of God–certain people receive preferential treatment. The charismatic, the well-dressed, the physically attractive, the eloquent…the leaders.

Last Saturday, like many Saturdays in our large LDS ward, there was a call for help in moving a family within the ward boundaries. These are the worst, naturally, because they require people to help on both ends–there is no “new” Elders Quorum on the receiving end to help out. However, much to my delight, there were nearly 20 strong, able-bodied men present to help on both ends of the move and, honestly, we often had a bottleneck on the stairs because there were so many people helping out. This morning (Saturday), there was another, almost identical, call for help in moving a family to a new home within the ward. Everything was the same as last weekend–both moves were announced in identical fashion: first in Elders Quorum meeting, then through email–except that there were only 5 people helping. Consequently, the work took much longer and was much more difficult.

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