They’re Talking About Us (Still) (Again) (Always)

The new Google Books Ngram Viewer is creating a corporal’s guard of amateur Ziffs in the Bloggernacle: This program allows users to choose any word or phrase, searches vast database of texts in Google Books, and plots a graph showing how often that word or phrase appears in texts across time (adjusted, apparently, for the number of books in that database published in each year). J. Max Wilson compares the occurrence of the name “Joseph Smith” to the occurrence for other prominent figures; Kent Larsen discovers an unexplained 1928 spike in the appearance of the term “Mormon fiction.”

Ever willing to jump on bandwagons and fads (unless they involve politics, cilantro, or Justin Bieber), here’s Keepa’s own foray into the wonders of statistics, computer programs, and other deep and dark mysteries:

First, I notice that Mormons are talked about. A lot. No more now, though, than in the past, and perhaps even a little lesson often than in the past:
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