Things I think about when I get bored at church

Let me say this: I get bored at church all the time, usually multiple times every Sunday. I don’t like sitting in meetings for three hours a day (with often an hour-long meeting before or after church). But I don’t think about how bored I am very often because when I am feeling that old ennui angst I chase it from my mind. This post explains why and how.

I bring this up because of this article, which seems to be getting a lot of positive attention. The author names five reasons Sacrament is dull. Let me make this clear, lest I be accused of criticizing the author: I agree with just about everything she writes. This post is not intended as a “take down” of her article. Instead, I simply share some thoughts that I have had when I am bored at church (which happens often, as I say).

1)You can’t let yourself be bored. I didn’t get baptized until I was in my ’30s, and one of the main reasons was I couldn’t imagine spending all that time in boring meetings when I could be going to the beach, watching football or going for a long run or bike ride followed by brunch. But I got an undeniable witness that the Church is true, followed by a long list of other personal testimonies. I have to go to Church on Sundays. I can either go with a good attitude or a bad attitude, and God wants me to have a good attitude. So if I start thinking about how bored I am I won’t have a good attitude. So it is I who must change (once again).

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