Things Mormon women can do to reduce stress

The over-scheduled, over-involved and over-whelmed Mormon woman needs to do two things to de-stress, said two speakers at the recent Women's Conference at BYU: simply life and ask for God's help. "God placed us here to succeed," Sarah Westerberg said. "But mortality will cause stress. It's a natural byproduct."

She talked about juggling and how it goes fine for her with three balls but as soon as she adds a fourth, it's impossible to keep them all in the air.

She said it's the same with life -- when a child gets sick, the car breaks down or additional demands are made on an already busy mother and wife, the challenges become too much.

"The multi-media world we live in means multi-tasking, multi-stress," she said.

Westerberg said strategies that work for her include getting organized, exercising, reducing and simplifying, giving herself a break, looking at things realistically and resisting the tendency to compare herself to others.

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