17 Things People Get Wrong About Latter-day Saints


9.“Where are your horns and tail?”

Well, where are yours? Actually, even though I’ve heard this before, I didn’t think anyone actually believed it. But several LDS Living readers shared their experiences with this myth:

“Did you know that Latter-day Saints have horns? True story! Back in 1977, I was talking to a sailor at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock who honestly thought that.”
“I'm middle-aged and heard the horns and tail story from my mother, who encountered people who wanted to see hers when she was a girl.”
“A kid in third or fourth grade said he heard that we have horns and a tail. We apparently keep our tail hidden and file down our horns so people won't know about them. Even at 8 or 9, I found that so funny that I wasn't mad or embarrassed.”
“I had a guy on a plane get really, really surprised to realize that the person he had been chatting with for a couple of hours (me) was a Latter-day Saint, because he sincerely believed that we all had horns, and I did not. No joke—an educated businessman in the '90s who was heading to Park City to ski, and he was not kidding.”
“I moved to Oklahoma when I was in second grade. The other children in my class asked to feel my horns. I guess they thought that Latter-day Saints had horns that they had to file down to fit in. I let them feel my head, no horns.”

The important thing to remember: Latter-day Saints are people, just like everybody else. Right down to our lack of horns and tails.

10. “You can’t drink carbonated sodas.”

Don’t panic if you see me order a root beer or an Italian soda—Latter-day Saints can drink carbonated beverages. (Choose the Sprite, anyone?)

This misunderstanding doubtless comes from some Latter-day Saints who don’t drink caffeinated sodas. While we are counseled to avoid coffee, imbibing caffeine in other drinks is left for each individual to decide for him- or herself.  

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11.“Latter-day Saints have to wear name tags and can only ride bicycles.”

9 More Things People Get Wrong About MormonsIf this were true, my commute to work would be a lot longer, but at least I’d be in a lot better shape.

You can easily guess where this misunderstanding comes from: young elders and sisters riding two by two on their missions. Given that the missionaries are the first (and sometimes only) exposure many people have to Latter-day Saints, stories like this from an LDS Living reader might not be too surprising:

“When I was investigating the Church, my very good friend Doug pulled me aside and asked me to not get so involved with the Latter-day Saints that I would give up driving my car. I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He went on to let me know that Latter-day Saints have to wear name tags and can only ride bicycles. Strangely enough, for 6 months of my mission in Japan I drove a car.”
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