Things that Invite the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) into My Life

With our daughter, our lil’ Hannah, now a full-fledged member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, I’ve been trying to help her find ways to develop her spirit…mainly her connection with the Holy Ghost. I want her to learn how to feel His influence…in her own way.

We’ve talked about how she could feel warm fuzzies inside. Or she could feel a sense of peace. Or she could feel really happy after she has made a good choice. I also want her to recognize what the Spirit feels like when something is not right. Like when her classmates at school are not making a good decision and she feels awful inside because she knows that it is wrong. Or if she feels uncomfortable around somebody for no apparent reason, it may be the Spirit telling her to get away from that person immediately.

I hope that what I’m saying is sticking…only time will tell I guess. As a parent, I feel it’s important for me to give my children every chance possible to feel the Spirit…so they can come closer to Christ.

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