This Is What FHE Is Really Like for Parents

by | Aug. 18, 2014


Every Monday, we're excited for FHE, but a lot of hard work goes into it! Here are 10 emotional stages parents often go through as they get ready for this night of family learning and fun.

1. You feel that excitement start to bubble as you prepare to start a new week off right.

Mondays are the worst. But Monday nights are the best! Time for family home evening! 

2. Then you start to panic when you realize it's your turn to plan FHE.

Wait. You haven’t actually planned FHE yet. You have no lesson plan, the house is a mess, and there's nothing in the cupboards for dessert. 

3. Confidence.

You can do this. You do this every week. Just delegate some tasks to the kids, shove the kids' toys into the hall closet, and throw some store-bought cookie dough in the oven.

4. Frustration.

You've shopped, cleaned, and planned, but nobody else is ready for the epic FHE you've prepared.

Time to round up the kids.

Make sure they pay attention.

They won't sit still long. You've got ten minutes tops before they run off again. 

5. Worry.

Your oldest is giving the lesson, and they don't quite seem to have a firm grasp on the Plan of Salvation. 

Oh well, the younger kids don’t seem to be paying attention anyways. 

Wait, that’s bad, too! Shouldn’t they have more interest in the gospel? 

6. Hope.

The hardest part is over. You've gotten past the lesson and the kids are still interested. Now you just have to have some quality family fun time, and the night will have been a success.

7. Enthusiasm.

Time for games and treats and family bonding. Come on, everyone! Let’s play a rousing game of Uno! 

8. Love.

Everyone is having fun and getting along, and you don't want this moment to end.

9. Pride. 

You are an FHE master!

Be proud of your spouse and kids, too. They're the best.

Your testimony of FHE has grown so much tonight.

10. Relief.

It’s over. You have seven whole days to plan the next FHE, and this time you won’t wait until the last second.


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