Thoughts on BYU’s decision, the WCC’s gain, the MWC’s loss and the WAC’s next move

A thunderous summer of off-the-field news continues …

* We’ll hear more about this in the next 24 hours, but clearly BYU found a way to put together a football schedule for 2011 without the ready-made inventory of WAC games that had been lined up before Fresno State and Nevada blew town.

That was a huge obstacle, perhaps the biggest, in the drive for independence. My guess is that BYU fans won’t be thrilled with the ‘11 schedule, or even the ‘12 lineup. But there simply aren’t many options — most schools are booked solid for several years.

But I’d also guess that BYU fans will love the schedules starting in ‘13 or ‘14, when teams from AQ conferences have open dates to fill and ESPN can broker as many games as it pleases.

* BYU fans don’t want to hear it, and they don’t agree with it, but I’ve said all along that ego was the prime motivator behind the push for football independence, and nothing has made me think otherwise.

Put it this way: Would the Cougars really have gone independent, and put 11 teams in the WCC, if Utah hadn’t bolted for the Pac-10? No. Chance.

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