Thoughts on Millennials and the Church and finding Jesus in “Truth that Transcends”

A recent article at CNN by Rachel Held Evans about why Millennials are leaving their churches recently went viral. It’s interesting to see some of the responses to the CNN article. For example, some Mormon Millennials are sharing their thoughts as to why they are staying in their (our) church. You can look through some of the links on the hashtag #whyimstaying

The notion of Millennials and an not-uncommonly-taken, spiritual-but-not-religious approach to faith has been around for a few years now. Many young adults have felt disillusioned with their faith traditions, for various reasons. The CNN article points out that some church’s leaders simply try to be more “cool,” in superficial ways. Young adults can see right through that, the author asserts. She also suggests that, for example, concerns about social justice, an allegedly overdone focus on sexual standards, and positions on gay rights have created rifts for Millennials and have left them wanting something different…in essence, wanting the churches to change to reflect more “modern” perspectives on social issues.

But apparently not all Millennials feel that the rising generation has all the keys to what churches should do in order to retain young adults in their congregations.

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