Thoughts on Reverence

I have a friend who recently wrote:

"I am in a Primary Presidency in MA and absolutely love all your ideas. Our primary is about 80 kids which naturally brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Our reverence, while never fantastic, has recently plummeted. I am trying to find ideas or techniques and tools that might help us bring a little more reverence into Primary so the kids have more opportunities to feel the Spirit. I have found a few ideas online but the majority involve bribing the kids. Our kids already get candy--and lots of it--from their teachers (despite requests to limit it). I don't think providing them with more sugar would be too helpful. I am okay bribing them with experiences or priviledges but don't want to do more treats. On the other hand, since it is something I would hope that we could have more routinely than not, setting up the expectation for benefits for polite behavior gives me pause. Anyway, I wondered if you would feel like doing a post about any reverence thoughts you have. Thanks."

Sigh. Reverence.

Can you relate?

I pray for the spirit to guide me.

Let me preface first with this, if you are struggling and sometimes come home after church with a headache and feelings nothing short of frustration and sorrow... I want you to know you are doing a great job and everything will work out. If we had star trek technology I'd beam on over and give you a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Maybe split some watermelon and just relax together listening to Bob Marley. But more importantly, the Savior knows you and is ready to give you a big hug and tell you the exact same thing and help out however you let Him. Perhaps, sans Bobby.

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