Tim Tebow's pro-life ad draws howls of protests

by | Jan. 28, 2010

Everything Else

Tim Tebow, the born-again quarterback who wears his religion on his face as well as his sleeve, has taken the worst that college football can dish out.

He's been knocked flatter than his crew cut. He's been sacked, chased, smashed and battered.

And he hasn't seen anything yet.

Did you hear the news? Tebow has signed up to do a Super Bowl commercial — with a pro-life theme.

Everyone said turning pro would be difficult for Tebow, but nothing like this. If you think 300-pound tackles are tough, wait till he meets the pro-choice crowd. Wait till he wades into Roe v. Wade. Wait till he lowers his head and bulls his way into the scrum of the abortion argument.

What did he risk on the football field, an ACL? A concussion? Ha, child's play! People have been killed over the abortion issue.

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