To BYU fan haters

I am speaking on behalf of all the loyal BYU sports fans.

There have been complaints by some of our fellow students on campus, including a letter to the editor on March 2, that BYU has “some of the poorest and (most) classless fans in the United States.”

While I agree that throwing any object onto the floor during the New Mexico game was classless, as well as using profanity, I would argue BYU has perhaps the most gracious fans in the country and this sentiment has been shared by many visiting sports commentators, coaches and fans.

I was at the MWC Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas where the fans would start chants ranging from “you suck” to other words and phrases that are not in my vocabulary. The Rebels’ band leader even led the band and crowd in mocking the opposing team and the referees, and I felt the fans at the tournament were also on the classy side.

To the man who wrote the letter, I want to ask him the following question: Have you been to games at high schools, other universities or professional sporting events before? Every team’s fans boo their opponent during pregame introductions and they don’t cease until the game is over. You can’t go through a single high school or college game without the bull you-know-what chant at the referees or calling them a certain hole. While profanity is wrong, if an opposing player taunts or does something to offend our players or fellow fans, your dang right they’re going to hear about it. What am I supposed to do, sing a hymn?

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