To Blave

I know we’ve been talking about romantic love a lot recently (always?), but I want to take this moment to say one more thing: As of this past Saturday, I am the Apron Stage’s only unmarried weekly contributor.

Let’s not pretend I haven’t thought about the differences between me and the other regular writers and how maybe those differences are why they’re married and I’m not. Most of these thoughts—if not all of them—are ridiculous. (For instance, the other writers are all taller than I am. At just under 5’8”, how is it I’m the short one? And why is it keeping me from love?)

Let me tell you what is true about my life: I get excited when my arm brushes a man’s in the hallway at church. I spend more time with my laptop than with people; more time with my roommates than with anybody else; more time brushing my teeth than I do being wooed.

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