To Work, or Not to Work

When I was growing up, both of my parents worked outside the home. - my dad in quite a variety of jobs, and my mom as a school teacher. It was something that they decided together was necessary for the survival and temporal well-being of their family.

When their kids were all still quite young (myself about 7, my sister about 5, my brother about 3, and before the last one came along) my dad worked 2 jobs. During the day, he worked for the University of Utah doing something that I didn't understand because I was just a kid. At night, after he was done working at the college, he would deliver pizza for Dominoes. One of my most vivid childhood memories is that of laying in my bed, listening for Dad to come home from work. I knew that I could usually count on cold pizza for breakfast in the morning.

My mom's job as a school teacher allowed her to spend quite a bit of time with us.

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