To abandon marriage is to abandon children

To abandon traditional marriage is to abandon children, said a speaker at the Stand Up for Family Student Symposium at BYU on Saturday, March 6.

Professor William C. Duncan, director of the Marriage Law Foundation and a family law teacher at the university, said that children -- whom marriage is meant to protect -- are compromised as the institution of marriage crumbles.

"Imagine the institution of marriage as a big tower of blocks," Duncan said, showing a slide of a Jenga game tower. "You can remove some blocks and the tower is still strong. It still stands. But others are crucial. Remove them and the tower crumbles."

To redefine marriage or to change what marriage is designed to represent is removing a critical block, Duncan said.

Duncan alluded to a presentation on "No Fault Divorce" that preceded his lecture and said that before No Fault Divorce became common, marriage was treated as a weighty contract.

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