To the Child Who Gets My Little Brother’s Heart: A Touching Letter from an LDS Brother

When an LDS family lost a brother and son suddenly when he was hit by a truck, one of his brothers had a surprising reaction, writing this touching and inspiring letter to the person who will receive his brother's heart.

On March 2, 2016, my 11-year-old brother was hit by a truck while crossing the street. The trauma knocked him unconscious, and the damage to his brain quickly stopped his breathing. Paramedics gave him CPR and doctors helped him breathe, but it was clear that he wasn’t coming back.

Because of his condition, we asked about the possibility of donating part of him to help others. It's what he would have wanted, being the person that he was, and if you are the lucky child who gets his heart, you should know what you can expect.

Eric’s heart was the biggest part of him. He loved more than normal people. He seemed to have an extra portion of vitality and capacity to love than most of us have. Maybe he knew, somehow, that he wouldn’t have as much time as the rest of us, and he was determined to get as much living done as he could.

Images from Jason Longhurst.
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