To the YW, Love Joan of Arc

This letter was received and transcribed by Carol Lynn Wright Pearson in Walnut Creek, California, a close friend of Joan, the Maid of Orleans.

The Month of June in the Year of our Lord, 2010

Dear Young Women of Payson, Utah, United States of America,

I was deeply honored to be informed that you have chosen me as your “hero, mentor and source of inspiration” for your camp week. Over the centuries, as I have observed the comings and going of history, I have watched in amazement as many works have been created in my memory –operas, plays, statues. I never intended such. But as I see the eyes of the visitors who pause at the gold-gilded statue of me on my horse, banner raised, at the Place des Pyramides in Paris, or the eyes of an audience watching a play that details my life–I see something so fine! I see sparks of a fire. Not the fire that consumed my poor and weary body at the end. But the sparks of a better fire–one that inspires people to find the light within them and hold it high and be true to it.

And so I am happy to join you in “camp.” How often, after a day of battle, I sat in camp by the fire with my beloved soldiers. And so I will feel very much at home spending some hours with you beside your campfire. If I can be your “source of inspiration” for a week, for a day, or for a moment–that will make me smile.

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