Too Much Play Time?-Solving the Boredom Problem

My two youngest children are best friends and play a lot with each other. It is so fun to see them enjoy each other. This summer we have noticed that they are getting a bit too much play lately though. The sun comes up and someone is at our door asking to play. The children do their chores and run outside. They would stay there day after day, all day, if I didn’t ever call them in.

The other day my husband and I noticed some very distracted behaviors. My six year old was showing off a lot and acting a lot more “crazy” than usual. He was also trying to be the “funny guy” by popping off. We looked at each other and both knew something needed to change in my son’s day. He was having too much friend time. The influence of the friends were transforming him into a more selfish six year old than he regularly was.

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