Top 10 Best Scriptural Teachers

by | May 06, 2014

Mormon Life

May 6, 2014 is the annual Teacher Appreciation Day. I am certainly grateful for many teachers that I knew and met. However, I want to focus on those teachers I read and learned from in the scriptures. Their power has also blessed my life. It may only be one man’s opinion, but here are the top ten best scriptural teachers ever.

10. Abinadi


When the wicked priests of King Noah ask Abinadi a question about how to interpret Isaiah 52:7, he says he’ll answer the question, but then goes on to teach all the ten commandments and the nature of God all before answering their original question. That’s some expert pedagogy.

9. Isaiah


Speaking of Isaiah, people are still riddling over every turn of phrase. Capturing that much detail-oriented attention for so many millenia is quite the task.

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