Top 10 LDS Living Articles of 2010

10. "10 Natural Energy Boosters"

We compiled several quick ways to get some energy back—and lots of you were interested to hear about them. 

9. "LDS Biggest Loser Contestant Sheds Pounds, Gains New Life"

Biggest Loser season nine contestant Koli Palu spoke to LDS Living about his experience at the ranch, his weight loss, and what it meant for him going forward.

After LDS Living spoke to him, Palu went on to win the $100,000 at-home competition with a total loss of 215 pounds, or 53.35 percent of his body weight. Palu made it to the final three and made it to the finale, though he was dependent on viewers to stay in the competition after a bad showing at the semi-final. He lost the spot to Daris George. Had Palu remained in the finale, he would have won the entire competition.

8. "16 Days of Summer Fun"

LDS Living chose 16 of our best ideas to get summer vacation started off right. They’re just small activities for each day so the family has some time together, but they help to fill the boredom and general lack of structure with at least one planned activity.

7. LDS Living coverage of Rising Star charity work with leprosy victims

After her daughter’s tragic death, Becky Douglas started a charity called Rising Star to help leprosy victims in India. We explored her journey in “Hope Rising,” then decided we needed to go to India to get the full story. LDS Living editor Jamie Lawson told about her experiences among leprosy victims in a three-part series (and video), and as a result, LDS Living readers tuned in and decided to start helping.

"Hope Rising"

"The Untouchables: Part 1"

"The Untouchables: Part 2"

"The Untouchables: Part 3"

"The Untouchables Video: Leprosy in India"

6. "10 Phrases that Prevent Arguments"

We got a hold of a family therapist and marriage expert and asked her to share with us her top 10 phrases for preventing arguments. Some of our readers debated with us whether these phrases would be more likely to prevent arguments or start them, but we still think it's a useful step in conflict resolution.

5. "How to Celebrate Halloween on a Sunday"

This year’s Halloween fell on a Sunday, and after conducting a forum on our Facebook page about how to handle the dilemma, we compiled reader suggestions and our own ideas. This article produced more reader discussion than any other online article all year.

4. "The Life of a Lion House Roll"

Our photo gallery following the evolution of a Lion House roll—from mixer to mouth—was one of our more popular LDS Living stories for 2010. Chalk it up to all the people who love that fluffy bread so much. (Also included were the story behind how the recipe came to be and a recipe for the roll itself.)

3. "Boy Scouts Saves Fathers’ Lives"

Our coverage of an amazing rescue struck a chord with Boy Scouts (and non-Boy Scouts) ‘round the world. Five boys used their Boy Scout training to save and secure their fathers and a family friend.

2. "Poll: To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?"

After summarizing a popular print article from LDS Living’s September/October 2010 issue, LDS Living used its new polling capabilities to gauge reader opinion on schooling options. Certainly a hot topic for LDS Living readers.

1. "Austin Collie: Pushing Toward Perfection"

In the first in-depth article about NFL player Austin Collie, LDS Living explored Collie’s life up to this point, including his formative years and how his mission impacted how he lives life in the NFL. Collie had a standout rookie season and, though recently plagued with injuries (and some analysts saying he might think about retiring), performed spectacularly during his 2010 season games.

We also put together a behind-the-scenes video from our cover shoot with Collie and his wife, Brooke. (Another update on the Collies: Brooke recently gave birth to the couple’s first child.)

"Video: Austin Collie Cover Shoot"

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