Top 10 LDS News Stories of 2010

10. Mormon Torah Bright Wins Gold: The Australian snowboarder who lives in SLC won the gold medal in the halfpipe event during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Also here's a video interview with Torah Bright.

9. BYU Leaves MWC: In September, the BYU Athletic Department announced its plans to go independent in football and join the West Coast Conference in all other sports.

8. Church Supports Principles of Utah Compact on Immigration: In November, the Church made a statement of support following the announcement of the Utah Compact. The NY Times later praised Utah's immigration stance.

7. Provo Tabernacle Goes Up In Flames: Just a few weeks ago the Historic Provo Tabernacle caught on fire and was burned almost in its entirety. Authorities are still unsure of the cause of fire and plan to investigate later this week. Watch an aerial video of the fire.

6. Mormon Tabernacle Choir Hits Significant Milestones: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir had a great year in 2010. Some of their accomplishments include marking the 100th anniversary of its first recorded album in September, The Music and the Spoken Word was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in November, and they had a knock-out Christmas Concert with artist David Archuleta a few weeks ago.

5. Bishop Killed at LDS Church in Calif. Shooting: Bishop Clay Sannar was shot and killed by a gunman who entered the Calif. church looking for the congregration's leader. The gunman was killed by police at the scene. Such a tragic story.

4. Missionaries to Be Banned from Switzerland: A new policy in Switzerland intends to ban all missionaries from non-European Union countries beginning in 2012. The Church made this statement regarding the situation.

3. General Conference Talk Causes Controversy In Homosexual Community: In the October General Conference, President Boyd K. Packer gave a talk that many understood to make a statement about homosexual activity and the sanctity of marriage. The talk caused an uproar in the LGBT community and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) delivered a petition to Church headquarters demanding they recant his talk. Watch a video of the Church's response to the HRC petition.

2. Mitchell Convicted in Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping Case: After eight long years, the Elizabeth Smart case was finally concluded in December when Brian David Mitchell was found guilty of the kidnapping and rape of Smart. Smart has shown such heroism in the face of these traumatizing events and has happily moved on with her life. She has returned to France to finish serving her mission.

1. Kyiv Ukraine Temple Dedication: Our no. 1 LDS news story is that of the dedication of the Kyiv Ukraine Temple--the first one to be built in the former Soviet Union. This event is a fulfillment of prophecy and is truly one to celebrate. Watch a video of the dedication.

Speaking of new temples, we thought the ground breaking of the Rome, Italy Temple deserved an honorable mention. In the heart of the Catholic Church's headquarters, this is monumental news for the Church. Watch a video of President Monson breaking ground.

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