Top 10 Things to do the First Week Back from a Mission

by | Jan. 03, 2014

Everything Else

So you’ve just arrived home after eighteen or twenty-four months serving the Lord in what was undoubtedly the most incredible experience of your life. You probably don’t really know what to do as you begin to transition back to “normal” life, but this list with tips from other returned missionaries should help!

1. Take some time to rest. The time you spent on your mission was spiritually rewarding and uplifting in many ways, but it was also an experience that took a lot of energy – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You have been working non-stop in the Lord’s service, and whether you think you need it or not, you should try to rest the first few days after you get home. As it says in Mosiah 4:27, “it is not requisite that a man [or woman] should run faster than he [or she] has strength.”

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