Top 10 Videos of 2010

10. Watch LDS Church Growth By Stake: This video first came out a few years ago but recently became popular again. It's neat to visually see how big our church is growing.

9. Lion House Pie Crust Secrets: Brenda Hopkin, head baker at the Lion House, teaches how to make Lion House pie crust dough. Super-helpful instructions.

8. LDS Church Praised as the Perfect Example of SEO: In a business convention earlier this year, the LDS Church was used as the model "company" for utilizing search engine optimization. We have to admit, the Church's SEO is pretty impressive.

7. Provo, Utah Girls--BYU Spoof: This music video parody made by a group of BYU students pokes fun at BYU and Provo stereotypes and has become a YouTube hit. We can definitely see how people might get upset about the video, but we hope most will understand it was made in good nature.

6. Flash Mob Sings Hallelujah Chorus In A Food Court: It's nice to see over 100 people expressing their love for the Savior through song in this unorthodox way.

5. BYU vs. Utah--A Parent's Dilemma: This is pretty funny--no matter whose fan you are.

4. Tom Cruise on Home Teaching: Okay, this is just funny. 

3. I'm A Mormon--Hi, We're Allan and Laura Wolford: The Church launched a new ad campaign this year that features videos of the everyday lives of Mormons. This is one of our favorites, but we also like "Hi, I'm Joy," and "Hi, I'm Alex Boye."

2. Study Like A Scholar, Scholar: This is hilarious. A funny play on the Old Spice commercials running now...but for BYU's library.

1. Stephanie Nielsen's Mormon Message--My New Life: Latter-day Saint Stephanie Nielson, survivor of a near-fatal plane crash, shares her story of a beautiful life centered on faith in Jesus Christ and love of family. Her story was even featured on Oprah earlier this year. This is a beautiful video and our no. 1 pick of the year.

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