Top 10 Water Safety Rules for Kids

by | Jul. 09, 2010


  1. Stay away from open water in your neighborhood, including ditches, lakes, and drains.
  2. Never enter a backyard pool or hot tub without an adult's permission.
  3. Don't roughhouse, run, or push around a pool.
  4. Never swim alone.
  5. Don't dive in shallow pool water or into lakes or rivers.
  6. Take a break when you feel tired.
  7. Don't panic if you become exhausted. Call for help. Then turn on your back and float until you are rescued or have the energy to swim to the edge of the water.
  8. Get out of the water if you see lightning.
  9. Wear a life jacket whenever you're swimming in open water or riding in a boat.
  10. Follow lifeguards' directions.
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