Top 7 LDS Living Videos of 2019

by | Dec. 26, 2019

We've been busy this year sharing uplifting stories and messages through video! Here are our most popular videos of 2019.

"Temple Blessings from Tonga to Philadelphia: The Sikahema Story"

We often don't realize how many miracles occur behind the scenes during the temple building process. Hear the touching story of Elder Vai Sikahema (formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team) who was able to play a key role in a miracle that helped make the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple possible.

"Tad Callister's 5-Minute Fireside: A Case for The Book of Mormon"

In this 5-Minute Fireside episode, Tad Callister shares a case for The Book of Mormon and reveals several golden nuggets found within the sacred scriptures.  

"Ready to Believe: How His Wife's Faith Led One NBA CEO to Join the Church After 20+ Years of Marriage"

Lisa and Scott O'Neil had similar faith but different religions when they married 23 years ago, but they vowed to work together as a team through it all. Here's how their commitment to having a "house of faith" eventually led Scott to choose to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through baptism nearly two decades after their wedding.  

"Michelle Wilson's 5-Minute Fireside: Being Made Perfect in Christ"

In this 5-Minute Fireside episode, Michelle Wilson gives the antidote for toxic perfectionism, showing that perfection must be found in Christ before it can be found in us.

"Finding Elder Keller"

In 2017, Crystal shared her conversion story and talked about the missionary who changed her life almost 30 years ago. After a tender reunion with the former Elder Brandon Keller, the two share their testimonies of the importance of missionary work.

"When We Struggle to Find the Faith to Be Healed: Artist Kate Lee on Trusting God"

Have you ever been paralyzed by self-doubt? Kate Lee is a new artist at Deseret Book. Through her unique works of art, she hopes others will find the peace and healing she has found through Christ.

"His Name"

Jesus Christ has many names, each emphasizing His sacred role as our Savior and Redeemer. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, we invite you to take a moment to be still and celebrate Him. 

Lead image a screenshot from "Temple Blessings from Tonga to Philadelphia"
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