Top Reasons People Use

I recently put together a report on the top reasons why people visit I thought the answer might interest a wider audience, so here you go.

Methodology: I tried to base the rankings on events, or instances of an action happening, though I must admit, in some cases this is like comparing apples and oranges. Therefore, there is, admittedly, some subjectively in these rankings, and they shouldn’t be taken as hard and fast standings.

1. Internal Site Search. The site search gets millions of searches every year, and the data shows that it is clearly the top activity on The prominence of this activity should not come as a surprise because studies have shown that many site users don’t want to mess around with browsing through a site or navigating the menus. As soon as they get to a site, they find the search box and type in a keyword, and they have the expectation (thanks to Google) of finding exactly what they are looking for. The most common searches are topical, such as “faith” and “baptism,” but there are also a lot of navigational searches such as “primary” and “scriptures.”

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