Touching the stove to see if it’s really hot

by | Jan. 29, 2010

Best of LDS Blogs

I. A few years ago I was visiting my children’s elementary school, catching up with a friend of mine who teaches there. She asked about my older children who used to attend there and I told her they were mostly doing well, but recounted a difficult experience (now long forgotten) we’d been through with one of them. As I explained my frustration over being experienced enough to know what was better for my child, yet not being able to “make him” make the correct choice about something, another teacher caught our conversation in passing and piped in,

“That was the other plan.”

II. When my oldest child was about a year old we had the opportunity to move across the street from our tiny basement apartment into a very nice home for three weeks to care for our neighbors’ sons, ranging in age from preschool to high school. As we were getting our last-minute instructions as to their schedules and needs, I asked the mother about the curfew for the oldest son. She looked at me rather oddly and then replied, “He would never choose to be places he shouldn’t or be out at an unreasonable hour, so he doesn’t really have one.”

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