Triplets to enter MTC on the same day

Nathan, Jason and John Hansen share a lot in common. Together they comprise three-fourths of a set of quadruplets born premature at 26 weeks of gestation to John and Laurie Hansen in 1990. At nine weeks old, the fourth quadruplet passed away. When they were 6 years old, their father unexpectedly died following a sudden bout with pancreatitis.

With so many aspects of their histories already irrevocably intertwined, it's fitting that the brothers Hansen could share one of the most anticipated events in their lives by opening their mission calls at the same time. On May 28 — the same day they graduated from high school — dozens of friends and family joined them at their home in Alpine, Utah, for the big moment. Going by reverse birth order, Nathan opened his call first and was followed by Jason and finally John. The results: Nathan is called to the Ohio Columbus Mission, Jason is bound for the Nebraska Omaha Mission and John will speak Spanish in the Florida Jacksonville Mission.

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