Trivia Quiz: Angels in the Standard Works

by | Dec. 19, 2013



1. How many angels did Daniel say he saw at the judgment seat?
      a.    Just two: Michael and Gabriel
      b.    12 legions
      c.    10,000 angels
      d.    100,000,000 angels

2. John the Revelator saw seven angels who would do what?
      a.   Bring the last plagues of the wrath of God to the earth
      b.   Act as “destroying angels” in the second coming
      c.    Fill the four corners of the earth with light and truth
      d.   Trumpet the arrival of Jehovah to the earth

3. How many times has the word angel been said in general conference since 1851?
      a.   1187
      b.   5362
      c.    7304
      d.   11980

4. Which of the following is not an angel named in the Bible:
a.       Michael
b.      Gabriel
c.       Abaddon
d.      Raphael
e.      Lucifer

5. Which book of scripture contains the most occurrences of the word angel?
a.       The Old Testament
b.      The New Testament
c.       The Book of Mormon
d.      Doctrine & Covenants
e.      The Pearl of Great Price

6. How many LDS temples do not have an angel Moroni statue?
a.       Three
b.      Five
c.       Eight
d.      All temples have angel Moroni statues

7.  What percentage of Americans believes in angels?
a.       12%
b.      33%
c.       52%
d.      77%



1.       D: 100,000,000 angels. Both Daniel (Daniel 7:10) and John the Revelator (Revelation 5:11) state they saw ten thousand times ten thousand angels, a reference to a countless number.

a.       A: Bring the last plagues of the wrath of God to the earth. The seven angels mentioned in Revelation 15 are likely a symbolic representation of the end of days more than seven physical beings.

2.       C: 7304 times. In the most recent conference (October 2013), the term angel was mentioned by 8 different speakers a total of 10 times.

3.       D: Raphael. Only four angels are named in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, Abaddon, and Lucifer.

4.       B: The New Testament. With 175 mentions, the New Testament mentions the word angel the most. The Book of Mormon is second with 135 mentions, the Old Testament is third with 108 mentions, Doctrine & Covenants is fourth with 71 mentions, and the Pearl of Great Price is last with 17 mentions.

5.       C: Eight. Only eight of the Church’s 141 temples do not have an angel Moroni statue. They are the Laie Hawaii, Mesa Arizona, Cardston Alberta, Logan Utah, St. George Utah, Manti Utah, Hamilton New Zealand, and Oakland California temples.

6.       D: 77%. This number is up from 54% who believed in angels in 1978. In fact, 55% of Americans today even believe they have been protected by a guardian angel. 


For more facts on angels by the numbers, pick up a copy of LDS Living's November/December 2013 issue, available at Deseret Book. And to learn more about angels from an LDS perspective in Donald W. Parry's Angels: Agents of Light, Love, and Power, also available at Deseret Book

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