True wealth comes by living gospel, LDS pioneer writes

In 1849 Hannah Tapfield King was a local poet, essayist and novelist, a figure of local repute living near Cambridge, England. She was also a busy mother, overseeing a comfortable home with servants and helpers. She had many friends, traveled and loved the arts, especially theater, musical performance, museums, architecture, history and literature. Her husband was of the “middling sort,” a well-respected local farmer who held positions in the local parish and the community.

In 1849, Hannah learned of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from her dressmaker. The testimony that grew out of that encounter, her determination to live Christ’s gospel and her desire to gather with the Saints dramatically changed her life.

Although her husband never fully embraced the LDS Church, he loved his wife and children and yielded to their desire to immigrate to the Salt Lake Valley. Thomas King gave up his tenancy, sold holdings and equipment, and financed the travel costs of his family and a number of other converts.

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