Trunk-or-treat activities have pros and cons

Do you have trunk or treat in your ward?

We do. And I think we are not the only ones. I spoke to my sister; yes, they have trunk or treat; my sister-in-law, yes; my cousin in California, yes; aunt in Utah, yes.

Even though I do enjoy the current incarnation of gathering up goodies, I kind of miss the old days. Up in Idaho, my mother would decorate me and clothe me in a variety of costumes over the years (astronaut, Batman, etc.) and then bundle me up to face the frozen weather that usually blew in the last days of October. But boy, oh boy, the treats were terrific — homemade popcorn balls, cookies, fudge. Sister Erickson made homemade doughnuts and invited us into her home and even gave us some hot chocolate.

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