Twenty-five years later, the story of forger Mark Hofmann is revisted

Perhaps some of Steven Mayfield's interest in Mark Hofmann's forgeries and crimes can be traced back to a baseball game in the early 1960s. Mayfield was only 12 years old and hoped to get a Willie Mays autograph. The crowds were too big, however, and Mayfield didn't get his baseball card signed.

So, he forged Mays' signature.

"I thought I was smart. I showed it to my friends," Mayfield said. But his life as a forger ended quickly when someone stole the card.

Mark Hofmann's trail of forgeries and deceit ended abruptly 25 years ago this month when he killed Kathleen Sheets and Steve Christensen with bombs and then accidently injured himself the next day with a third bomb. Mayfield, a crime lab tech, crime scene photographer and crime scene investigator for Salt Lake City, used his perspective of three decades in law enforcement to take another look at Hofmann's crimes.

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