U.S. Sen. Hatch talks to BYU students

by | Apr. 06, 2010

Mormons We Know

The financial outlook for the country is "blood-curdling" if things don't change in Washington, Sen. Orrin Hatch told a few hundred BYU students Monday. "I don't envy you, if these people keep going the way they are," said Hatch, R-Utah, who was invited to speak on the Provo campus by the student-run Democrat and Republican clubs.

Utah Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, spoke Friday as part of the university's political neutrality policy.

The "people" Hatch spoke of are Democrats who have been pushing a $2.5 trillion health care bill that threatens to bankrupt the rising generation, he said. The new bill nearly dominated the hourlong question-and-answer session.

"There are parts that we know about, that it won't pay for abortions and kids will have health insurance," asked Davita Washington, a senior in political science. "But what else is in that bill that we don't know that we should know?"

Hatch said he wished there could have been more bipartisan cooperation on the bill.

"If you pass a bill that affects one-sixth of the American economy and every one of you young people, and you can't get 70 to 80 bipartisan votes, it's a lousy bill," he said. "There was not one Republican who was willing to stand up and vote for the lousy bill."

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