U of Utah seniors say goodbye with vulgar send off in student newspaper

by | May 07, 2010

News from Utah

As a parting gift to the University of Utah, graduating senior writers at the student newspaper decided to leave with a vulgar word, or two.

The first letter that began each of the nine veteran reporters' and staff members' editorials, including one written by editor-in-chief Rachel Hanson, spelled out coarse words for male and female reproductive organs in their final printed edition, which hit stands April 28. Since then, the stunt has gone viral, earning more than 8,400 votes on failblog.org. It has been shared on Facebook and Twitter at least 3,000 times.

"It wasn't meant to be obscene or pornographic," Hanson said. "It was in poor taste, I'll give you that, but it was just supposed to be a silly joke."

Some administrators at the U. believe otherwise and have placed a hold on all nine students' academic records and diplomas, saying they may have violated the U.'s Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, specifically providing an "intentional disruption" of university activities and unauthorized use of university resources, according to a letter sent to the students from the dean of students' office.

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