Ultimate Fighting Championship's Sabbath brawl in Salt Lake City gets KO'd

by | Jun. 19, 2010

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The scenario could be a fitting chapter from the bestselling book "Freakonomics."

But UFC's recent decision is better explained under the title "Obviousonomics."

The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Monday abandoned its plans of hosting a fight on Sunday, Aug. 1, in Salt Lake City due to rotten ticket sales. The company has decided to move the fight to a San Diego venue with an apparent hope southern Californians won't take the Sabbath so seriously.

UFC originally scheduled its cable-televised fight in Salt Lake City because the Utah market had previously shown high TV ratings for the rowdy, anything-goes sport.

But when ticket sales couldn't get off the ground for the light heavyweight main event, headlined by Jon Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko, a "disappointed" Dana White, president of the 17-year-old mixed martial arts company, discovered "strong" ratings didn't equate to strong Sabbath crowds.

What the UFC didn't take into account was that roughly 50 percent of the people in Salt Lake City and 60 percent of Utahns are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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