Underdog Mormon candidate upsets Idaho GOP

by | Jun. 02, 2010

Mormons We Know

Aside from Mitt Romney and Harry Reid, other Mormons are pursuing political office including Raul Labrador, who upset the Republican establishment in his bid for Idaho's 1st Congressional District seat on May 25 and Chad Christensen, a Republican who has a long-shot chance at unseating fellow Mormon Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada.

In Idaho's GOP primary, Labrador beat out the well-heeled Vaughn Ward. Labrador, a tea-party favorite from Eagle, Idaho, beat out Marine reservist Ward who had been supported by Idaho's Republican machine and Washington establishment GOP money. Ward has also been endorsed by high-profile conservatives including Sarah Palin. The Idaho Statesman reported that Ward had a 6-to-1 spending advantage over low-key Labrador.

Ward made several missteps in his campaign, including plagiarizing a Barack Obama speech from the 2004 National Democratic Convention. He also misused pictures of himself in uniform and called Puerto Rico a country. A video juxtaposing the Ward speech and Obama's went viral on YouTube. The Idaho Statesman reported Ward's wife was employed by beleaguered Fannie Mae, which was the recipient of a large government bailout. What followed was called the biggest election "meltdown in Idaho history."

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