Underground “Doctrines”

I am one of a quarter-gazillion (well, a round dozen, anyway) Gospel Doctrine teachers in my ward, teaching every other Sunday. While I sometimes try to supplement the lessons in terms of historical and cultural setting, or literary structure of the scripture, I usually stick very close to the manual in terms of lesson purpose and material covered. I don’t introduce speculative doctrine, or encourage my personal interpretation of scripture, or replace “boring” manual material with my own “more exciting” topics and theories.

Ward members are free to choose any teacher they want to listen to. Those who choose to attend my class regularly range from their 20s through their 90s, couples and singles, perhaps a few more women than men. We have great discussions. I sometimes have to steer discussions back toward the point, but only when some class member wants to dwell on a minor illustration instead of moving on with the major idea.

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