Understanding Addiction within the LDS Community

Addiction can be a difficult topic to understand.

Most of what the scientific community has uncovered about addiction can seem to go against LDS beliefs regarding "free agency." However, it is true that addictive behavior robs an addict from the ability to engage in agency - making the topic of "willpower" controversial.

Current research shows the chemistry occurring inside the "addicted" brain differs dramatically from that of a "normal" brain. The addicted brain is diseased and therefore, not able to function in the same capacity or capability of one that is not. If this pivotal point goes misunderstood, it can cause unrealistic expectations regarding personal accountability, treatment, and sobriety that affect both addicts and the loved ones who are affected by an addict’s behavior. Unrealistic expectations are detrimental since they are followed by other feelings and emotions that further complicate and delay health (i.e. shame, depression, inappropriate guilt, anger, betrayal, decreased trust, decreased intimacy, doubt, confusion, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts, etc.).

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