Understanding what and how much the Prophet Joseph shared

by | Jul. 06, 2009

What We Believe

After the angel Moroni appeared three times in one night to Joseph Smith Jr., the 17-year-old woke up the rest of his family and breathlessly told them of his marvelous visions.

But that is not what happened.

What actually happened the morning of Sept. 22, 1823, shows an aspect of Joseph's personality that may give insight into how he shared sacred experiences such as his First Vision.

The morning after Moroni appeared to Joseph, he went to work as usual. Even after his father noticed that he seemed tired (the visions took all night), Joseph did not tell anyone what he had seen. Not his father. Not his mother. Not his brothers or sisters.

It wasn't until the angel commanded him to tell his father that Joseph shared the story and what it meant.

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