Unexpected Church Video: Toy Raptor Shows Primary Kids How to "Stand Tall"

Last year, the Friend started an uplifting initiative to help Primary children around the world find ways to serve in their homes and communities. The children could trace their hands on a piece of paper, write their act of service in the palm of their own traced hand, and mail it in to the magazine. It was a simple, yet powerful way children could both share and learn how we as members of the Church act as the Savior's hands here on earth.

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Photo by Christina Smith © By Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

The Church received over 37,000 handprints, putting them on display at Temple Square during fall general conference. (To see more pictures and get more details on the display, click here.)

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Photo by Christina Smith © By Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

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After the success of last year's campaign, the Friend has started a new focus, inviting children to "stand tall" and be courageous in following the Savior. All children in the Church are invited to trace their footprints, write down on it how they've had a chance to stand for the Savior, and send that to the Friend magazine. Each month, the magazine will feature children around the world who are standing for their standards, no matter what.

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Image from LDS Church News.

“Children have an innate desire to follow the Savior,” Sister Rosemary M. Wixom, Primary general president, said in an article on LDS Church News. “They love Him. We are excited to see how they will respond to this new invitation to share the ways they are standing tall in following Him.”

In order to help promote this new campaign, the Church created this cute, creative, and surprising video of a toy dinosaur sending in his footprint to the Friend magazine.

Mr. Dinosaur sent us his "Standing Tall" footprint—have you? ;-) Check out page 3 of this month's magazine to learn more about it!Posted by The Friend Magazine on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

To make a submission of your own, you can find more details here.

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