Unreasonable Expectations

A few years back, a man I home taught, whom I’ll call Dave, left his wife of 25+ years to pursue a younger, more attractive woman. He said he’d been having problems with his wife for years and that he simply had too much life ahead of him to waste it living the way he had.

His wife’s take? He didn’t love her anymore because she’d gotten too fat.

She was crushed. She loved Dave and had taken her future with him to be a given. In an effort to win him back, she not only hit the gym with a vengeance, but she even underwent cosmetic surgery. Too late. Dave was gone, and he wasn’t coming back.

An unremarkable story, I suppose, except that similar things were happening in other wards in the stake. The word was, men were leaving their wives for younger, more attractive women. It was an epidemic. The good women of the stake encircled their wounded sisters, and grieved. And fumed.

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